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The Issue

Although the current administration has said that it supports an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, proposed regulations threaten to remove essential elements of the nation’s fuel mix and prevent rural electric cooperatives from providing affordable, reliable power.

The Co-op Perspective

Electric co-ops in Wyoming and throughout America strongly oppose these governmental policies and instead advocate a common sense solution that balances environmental concerns with present and future energy needs.

The Grassroots Response

As an electric cooperative member-owner, your voice matters. Please join our effort to urge local and federal policymakers to work with electric cooperatives in their effort to provide energy that is affordable, reliable, and clean.

What you can do: By filling in your information below, you become a member of the WREA Grassroots Network AND send the following message to the EPA:

“The Administration has repeatedly said that is supports an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. Electric co-ops have pursued “all-of-the-above” by spending billions on innovative, clean and efficient technologies.

But the EPA’s proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions at new power plants seems to be an “all-but-one” approach.

Administrator McCarthy, please withdraw this proposal and work with electric cooperatives on a common sense solution that balances energy needs and environmental concerns.”