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Lineman Scholarship


WREA Lineman Memorial Scholarship


The objective of the WREA Lineman Memorial Scholarship is to encourage, promote, and educate line workers for enduring and rewarding careers with Wyoming’s electric cooperatives. The scholarships will be awarded to applicants who plan to attend an approved regional line worker training program.


One or more $3,000 scholarships will be awarded each year.


The scholarship is available to any individual, including recent high school graduates, who are interested in a career as a lineworker.


Systems are responsible for providing information to high school voc-ed instructors, colleges, employment agencies and local media in their general area. WREA will publicize scholarship information in the WREN magazine.


Candidates must submit applications to local cooperatives.

Scholarship applications will include an application form, a resume of education and work experience, three (3) letters of recommendation, and a transcript of grades. (A transcript will not be necessary if the candidate has not attended an educational institution in three years prior to submitting the scholarship application.)

The WREA Board of Directors will choose one (1) or more recipient(s) for the scholarship.

The WREA Board of Directors may award an alternate the scholarship if the original applicant selected is unable to use the scholarship.


Click here for a copy of the application


Dar Hackworth Lineman Scholarship


The Dar Hackworth Lineman Scholarship was created in 2006 by the WREA Suppliers Group in memory of Dar Hackworth.

Co-op Scholarships


As part of their commitment to education and community, many of the cooperatives around the state offer scholarships to the students in their service territories. To find out more about your local cooperative scholarship opportunities go to the contact us page and click on your co-op.


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