Community Impact

Did you know that our co-ops do more than provide power? Powder River Energy Corporation (Precorp) recently received this thank you note for a donation from Precorp’s Foundation. The Precorp Foundation is funded by Operation Roundup, which collects donations from members.

I’d like to personally thank Powder River Energy Corporation for their most generous donation  to our second annual  Freshman Impact: Caught In The Moment event at Buffalo High School in Buffalo WY.  This program originated with the SD based Community Organized Resources for Education (C.O.R.E.)  We invited 200 students from Buffalo, Kaycee, Arvada, Clearmont, Big Horn and Tongue River to attend.  Without exception all students, teachers and community volunteers gave positive and inspired evaluations of the full day event hosted at Buffalo High School.

Students participated in 7 learning stations including:  Fatal Vision (impaired driving obstacle course), Battle of the Belts (seatbelt safety), Drug Awareness,  Suicide/Depression Awareness, Guns & Vehicles – Deadly Weapons, Internet Safety, Fire/Medical information.  They listened to a young speaker whose life had been changed forever in losing 19 loved ones during his 4 years in high school.   Following this, they witnessed peers in a party skit making poor choices that led to a mock fatal accident.  They observed the response procedures of all medical personnel called on in an emergency including fire, medical, local and state law enforcement.

Then they watched a grieving parent say their last goodbyes at a mock funeral, followed by a mock sentencing hearing to convict the responsible party.

It was a powerful, impactful day.  They watched, felt, heard and absorbed things that will be forever imprinted on their minds and hearts.  The calculable data from this organization’s efforts over the past 11 years is undeniably positive.  The unquantifiable effects will continue to spread far beyond our imagination.  We are sure the participating students will go forward in life with invaluable tools to make “the better choice” in a variety of situations.  Their examples and influence will ripple far beyond their own lives.

We’re especially appreciative to our community and our supportive local companies for the united effort to help educate our students in learning to make positive and wise choices in life.  PRECorp awarded us $2500 this year which was most appreciated.  We were able to absorb a new school at the last hour to be included, and thanks to their most generous gift we met our financial goals for 2018.  They have helped change the future of 200 students and their families.

Attached please find some images taken on the day of our event.  We wanted to share with your organization so you could see the scope of this full day through the eyes of our students.

With great appreciation,

Lisa Norman, Freshman Impact coordinator, Buffalo, WY