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Deer was the theme for the May issue of WREN magazine.

Poetry in motion, Neil Suntych, Wheatland

Reba and her “dear” calf Red Velvet in March, Cori Enders, Decker, Montana, PRECorp

The horizon, Lori Archer, Gillette

Deer, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Deer, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Deer, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Deer, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Deer, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Two bucks in the field by our house, Linda Torczon, Cody

Morning visitors, David Zimmerer, Lingle

Have you been looking for these? Bonnie Geckler, Pine Haven

Backlit deer, Vicki Olson, Powell

Camo deer, Vicki Olson, Powell

Ready to do battle, Dianalee Prime, Wheatland

Going to feed cows, Robin Riesland, Newcastle

Curious fawns, Judy Cramer, Thermopolis

Stop eating the clover, Judy Cramer, Thermopolis

Majestic mule deer, Clyde Chapman, Lander

Finding shade on a hot July afternoon, Jean Harm, Sheridan

Mule deer high upon a ridge, Richard Carlson, Burns

Mule deer resting easy, Richard Carlson, Burns

White tail on the hunt, Rob Malo, Sundance

Mule deer on the lookout, Rob Malo, Sundance

Trying to hide, Butch Moretti, Lyman

Buddies, Barbara Moretti, Lyman

Sunrise Gathering, Tim Thompson, Newcastle

Trio Looking for a Drink, Tim Thompson, Newcastle

Neighborhood watch, Frank DeCroo, Worland

Two heads are better than one, Bill Morse, Cheyenne

How many do you see? Bill Morse, Cheyenne

The Boys’ Club near Encampment, Richard Carlson, Burns

Hiding out, Sandy Pokorney, Gillette

Nap time on a cold day, Sandy Pokorney, Gillette

Who? Us? Sandy Pokorney, Gillette

Fence, Neil Suntych, Wheatland

In the quiet of the woods, Krissy Borcher, Moorcroft

Morning Solitude, John Joity, Laramie

Looked back! Carol Dewey, Carlile

Deer horn art by Charley Truman, Ten Sleep




Trees were the theme for the December issue of WREN magazine

Sleepy Hollow, Butch Moretti, Lyman


Frosty morning at sunrise, Nick Biltoft, Riverton


Moose in the trees, Carrie Miller, Laramie


Silhouette, Carrie Miller, Laramie


Tree by Aiyana Miller, Laramie


Frosty, Lori Archer, Gillette


Who lives in there? Lori Archer, Gillette


Winter trees, Lori Archer, Gillette


Fall Colors, Pat Nelson, Cody


Fall colors near Sundance, Carol Dewey, Carlile


Some of Jack Frost’s handy work, Robert Niezwaag, Riverton


Largest Banyan tree in the U.S. This trunk and 16 other major trunks from aerial roots shade almost an acre. 60 ft tall; 145 years old In a Lahaina park on Maui, Hawaii, Carol Enderson, Cheyenne


Sunrise with tree silhouette. Taken in northeastern Converse County by Darlene Hageman, Douglas


Awesome sunset with blue spruce silhouette, Darlene Hageman, Douglas


Reaching, Rebecca Syler, Sheridan


Saratoga Valley 1, Jim Alsop, Laramie


Laramie Mts / Pole Mt. Unit, Jim Alsop, Laramie


Saratoga Valley 2, Jim Alsop, Laramie


Ponderosa looking skyward, Marynell Oechsner, Powell


Lone tree in the rocks, Barbara Moretti, Lyman


Fall is in the air, Sherry Overton, Thermopolis


A bug creation in Crandall, Angie Erickson, Meeteetse


First cones, Juanita Mair, Mountain View


Fog at Red Castle, Juanita Mair, Mountain View


Autumn tree, Karen Heath, Medicine Bow


Wyoming winter, JoHannah Flowers, Powell


… and the bush was not consumed … Suzanne Samelson, Thermopolis


Our backyard shade tree, Linda Torczon, Cody


Searching the trees for Easter eggs, Linda Torczon, Cody


A cabin getaway in the trees, Linda Torczon, Cody


Cold in Keeline, Brenda Harrison, Laramie


Treehouse, Annika Medow, Riverton


Crystalline hoarfrost decorates the Christmas wreath, Barbara Toomer, Lyman





Water was the theme for the July issue of WREN Magazine.

Ducks, Aiyana Miller, Laramie

Waterfall, Allie Auch, Newcastle

Water droplets on alfalfa leaves after some spring rain, Chelsea Baars Lusk

Our center pivot watering the alfalfa field, Chelsea Baars, Lusk

Cool, clear water, Virginia Ballinger, Powell

The roar of the Popo Agie Falls, Carol Deering, Riverton

Ducks, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Niagara Falls, Carol Enderson, Cheyenne

Hudson Falls, Jerry Ewen, Shell

Sunset on Keyhole Lake, Bonnie Geckler, Pine Haven

Ewen Reservoir and Hunt Mountain, Jerry Ewen, Shell

Granddaughters fishing, Gina Knight, Newcastle

Water fight, Gina Knight, Newcastle

Water play, Gina Knight, Newcastle

Chillin’ on the water, Randy Mair, Mountain View

Look beneath the surface, Randy Mair, Mountain View

Rabbit, Aiyana Miller, Laramie

Mountain Stream, Lori Archer, Gillette

Fishing on Ray Lake, Flower Norris, Lander

Pelican, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Floating with granddaughter Ava Jo, Denette Price, Newcastle

Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon, Denette Price, Newcastle

Reflections, the Ewen Reservoir with the “W” of Horse Creek in the background, Jerry Ewen, Shell

Aliens, Robin Riesland, Newcastle

Shell Falls, Tiffany Shroyer, Riverton

Water, Slade Mair

Snowy egret, Carrie Miller, Laramie

Beck Lake, Linda Torczon, Cody

Waterfalls, Lori Archer, Gillette



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September’s theme is Work, due August 10

October’s theme is Night, due September 10



Past Photos: Beginnings was the theme for the June issue of WREN Magazine.

A New Dawn by Victoria Allen, Moorcroft

Shadow the Kitten by Johnny A. Chavez, Torrington

Hatchlings at Keyhole State Park by Victoria Allen, Moorcroft

Puppy’s first experience with a torpedo heater – singed whiskers by Katie Devlin, Wheatland

The beginning of our herd by Linda Torczon, Cody

The start of Mel’s day fishing by Linda Torczon, Cody

The beginning of a cowboy’s career by Linda Torczon, Cody

Pine cones by Tiffany Shroyer, Riverton

Baby spots by Virginia Parker, Encampment

The beginning of wildflower season by Pat Nelson, Cody

On our way to Buffalo Bill Dam outside of Cody by Angela Munger, Ten Sleep

Gorgeous spring day by Katie Devlin, Wheatland

Ben’s first time on skates by Angela Munger, Ten Sleep

New calf by Johnny A. Chavez, Torrington

The fishing can by Lori Archer, Gillette

New spring beginnings by Veronica Dennis, Lander