The Wyoming Rural Electric Association (WREA) exists to lead, unify, and support the efforts of its member electric cooperatives.

WREA represents 14 electric power distribution cooperatives and three generation and transmission cooperatives that provide electricity to over 104,000 homes, businesses, ranches, and farms across the state.

In 1941, the state’s rural electric cooperatives formed the WREA to represent them and their rural electric consumers.

The WREA is governed by a board of directors that consists of one representative from each of the 11 distribution cooperatives and the three generation and transmission cooperatives. Equally represented, each of the co-ops is responsible for one vote.

On both the state and federal level, the WREA promotes the interests of Wyoming cooperatives in regulatory matters and legislative issues. Strong grassroots initiatives have influenced legislators on many occasions, allowing the cooperatives to continue providing the best service possible to their member-customers.

The WREA also publishes the monthly WREN Magazine, provides educational seminars for directors and employees, participates in the Youth Tour program through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and offers scholarships for those interested in a career as a lineworker.

Headquartered in Cheyenne, the WREA exists as a united representative for its members, promoting cooperative principles and rural electrification for Wyoming.