WREN Submissions

WREN Submissions

Book Drawing

May: Wild Migrations

Deadline: June 10

June: Beehive Alchemy

Deadline: July 10

July: Alternate Compass: A Craft Course on an Ironhorse

Deadline: Aug 10

Only one entry per household, please.

Just Picture It

June: Learning

Deadline: May 10

July: Construction

Deadline: June 10

August: Prairie

Deadline: July 10

Please include high-quality digital files. Use the highest quality setting on your camera, or save digital artwork as a .jpg or .tif file with at least 300 dpi resolution. Do not use Kodak Easy Share®.

Pen to Paper

No required themes.

Original creative writing submissions must have the author’s consent to publish and it cannot have been published elsewhere. Pen to Paper does not follow monthly themes, so you’re welcome to submit pieces on any topic or subject.

Country Cooks

July: Barbecue

Deadline: June 10

August: Pie

Deadline: July 10

What’s Happening (Events)

Events are due the 10th of the month preceding the issue and should fall on dates from the 20th of the issue month to the 20th of the following month.

Each month we select an event for our Featured Event listing. These events have regional appeal and must be submitted with a high-resolution photo, meaning a .jpg or .tif file with at least 300 dpi resolution.