Cowbelle Tells History of Signs

In the November “Where in Wyoming” section of WREN Magazine, the picture is of Natrona County Cowbelles sign going into Natrona County going north, on Interstate 25.

My name is Sandy Ladwig, and I am vice president of Natrona County Cowbelles.

Just a little info on how we got our signs started.  Every year we have a Valentine Gala, that we put on in February, with the Woolgrowers.  Last year, in 2016, we took what money we made from the Gala, and put it toward the sign project, headed up by our president, Katrina Crimm, along with other go-getter members, and our younger members, the Royal Court girls.

The metal for the signs was donated by Keith Robinett, and welding of the signs was done by 4J Welding, and other sponsors were Wyoming Steel and Recycling, and many husbands of the Natrona County Cowbelles.

The middle of each sign was drawn by one of our own, Tori Pike. We have four signs–each sign is different–and they are located in each direction coming into Natrona County, on I-25, north and south, Hwy 220, and finally on Hwy 20-26.

We had cowbelles, ranchers, and many other pay to put their brand on each sign, and we took that money that came from the brands, and we put it into our scholarship money for graduating seniors.  A win win for everyone.
What a fun project we had.

Sandy Ladwig
Natrona County Cowbelles